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Orthodox World Links – OWL is the Orthodox news aggregator. The idea to start OWL appeared in late May of 2022. After six months of hard labor the OWL is finally here. Although the youngest, OWL is unique and the fastest growing Orthodox media platform. OWL is a non-profit project, run with the help of a group of enthusiasts. 

OWL’s mission is to gather timely and detailed overview of Orthodox news reports, analysis, articles, blogs and podcasts. 

Owls can rotate their necks a maximum of 270 degrees. This ability gives them an exceptional perspective! Similar to owls, Orthodox World Links strive to provide a comprehensive view of the Orthodox Church affairs. 

Disclaimer: OWL’s mission is to gather links to news reports, articles, blogs and podcasts. OWL’s administrators are deeply concerned about the accuracy and respectful narrative of the material aggregated by our service. OWL’s staff is not taking sides on any issue that appears in our sections. The views and opinions expressed in linked news reports, blogs and podcasts do not necessarily reflect OWL’s opinions and beliefs.

Jovan Tripkovic
Executive Editor